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Welcome to Zuhba

'Zuhba' is a Sanskrit word that signifies well-being and healing
through grounding—a spiritual practice of pouring your
energy back into the earth and feeling the calmness of nature
enter your body in return.

A fusion of family tradition and love for gemstones

The founder's distinctive bracelet concept takes
inspiration from her grandmother's traditional
healing practice using meditation mantras
whispered to a thread which is then tied around the
wrist. Combining this with her love for the energetic
properties of gemstones, Zuhba was born

A gemstone for every purpose

Every gemstone in our bracelet collection is designed for a
specific purpose. Moss agate emits a tranquil energy.
Picasso Jasper and Rudraksha promote peace and
creativity. Aventurine entices opportunities. Howlite and
red coral attract prosperity. The combination of rose
quartz and pearl fosters relationships.

Elevate your style. Spruce up your look

Our premium quality bracelets are offered for men
and women and can be worn as a standalone piece
or layered with other beads. Align your bracelet
choice with the color of your outfit to achieve a
refined and sophisticated look